Have you forgotten your login?
If you have forgotten your email address used during registration, write to our customer support on the website or send an email to [email protected] with a request to restore your username.
Have you forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password, use the password recovery function, click "Forgot?", Wait for the letter sent to your email address that you put during registration. Next, in the letter, click the "Reset" button, you will be redirected to set a new password. Fill in the form. After successful completion, you will be able to log in with a new password.
Are facing troubles logging into your account?
Please check the email address and password that you enter.
What does the minimum cost of a digital license?
The minimum license cost is 100 USDT in BTC, ETH. The maximum license cost is limit at 100000 USDT.
I do not have BTC or ETH, but I want to buy a digital license. What should I do?
Initially, you need to create a personal wallet at https://www.blockchain.com

To buy or sell BTC or ETH, all qubitTech's users use the p2p exchange platform, which is available in more than 100 countries.
The most popular and secure p2p platforms:

On YouTube, you can find a lot of video on how to make a personal blockchain wallet and how to work with p2p platforms.
How do deposit in QubitTech platform?
You need to add your blockchain wallet address at QubitTech platform. To do this, use the button of "Add Wallet" on the account page.
What rewards on a digital license will I receive?
The reward on the digital license is up to 2% per day and about 25% per month. The reward is accrued in USDT daily and is available for withdrawal any day.
Can I activate a digital license in other cryptocurrencies?
No. The digital license has a nominal cost in USDT. Licenses' activation is made in BTC, ETH. QubitTech platform automatically converts BTC and ETH to USDT.
How can I get a robot for free?
QubitTech's platform gives users one trading robot on choose (the choice is available on account page) for a license's activated of 1000 USDT. The term of the robot license is unlimited.
How long are the digital licenses work?
There is no expiration date for the digital license. Deactivation of the digital license occurs as the user reached the total reward of 250% - i.e., the license will deactivate in about ten months.
How does deposit/withdrawal work?
Deposits and withdrawals are made in BTC, ETH. All internal platform's transactions, licenses' activation and settlements with QT's users are made in USDT. At the time of execution of the withdrawal request, QbuitTech converts USDT to BTC, ETH and sends cryptocurrencies to the user's blockchain wallet address.
How often can I withdraw rewards and bonuses?
Reward on the digital license is accrual daily. You can create a withdrawal request at any time. The request will be processed by platform instantly, and the withdrawal process may take from 1 hour to several days (depending on the load on the blockchain network).
How do withdrawal limits work?
Depending on the license price, a weekly limit is set for each platform user to withdraw equivalent to the cost of the activated a digital license. If the user has activated a digital license for 1000 USDT, then the weekly withdrawal limit will be 1000 USDT.
Can a platform user prematurely terminate a digital license?
No. The digital license is subject to deactivation after reaching a key reward of 250%.
Causes and circumstances that may lead to the blocking of user's account.
Forbidden to:
1. Registration of several user's accounts using one IP address;
2. Use multiple user's accounts from one IP address;
3. Use of illegally obtained income;
4. Use of funds received as bonuses from other user's accounts or multiple accounts;
5. Use of funds received as a result of operations committed by mistake;
6. Providing false personal information;
7. Dissemination of false information about the activities of QT, discrediting the reputation of QT;
8. Dissemination of false information about employees, users' of QT, discrediting the reputation of QT;
9. Intentional misrepresentation information about QT's employees and users;
10. An attempt to disrupt the QT's website and software;
11. Hacking or attempts to hack or gain access to the accounts/wallets of QT's employees and users;
12. Disclosure of information about QT's employees and users to third parties, except for responses to official requests of authorized persons.

If a policy violation is detected, the QT's user account may be blocked. A notification will be sent to the QT's user email address explaining the reasons for the blocking and further instructions.
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