Dear users of the QubitTech platform,

We have done a great job to make your interaction with an account on our website even easier and more understandable.

First of all, we have segmented the sections in the account. 

This applies to links in the menu - they have become more understandable. Each link now meets its intended purpose and is more convenient to use. 

The Affiliate Program page has been renamed to "My Network".

All documents are now located on a separate page in your account, that will make it easier to find the information you need. In particular, this applies to presentations in various languages, platform documents (registrations, patents, materials for promotion, etc.).

Also, a separate section has been created for managing referral links - Affiliate links. 

Now it will be easier to find this tool.

Besides, the section "My wallet" has become clearer: unnecessary blocks have been removed from its section. At the same time, it retained the transactions history panel, reward calculator, main wallet, section with the latest news and information about digital licenses.

We will continue to work on the accounts' system, taking into account the requests of our users.

Follow our news.

14 Aug '20